All from the Same Dust

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The Story

An African-American woman and her white father-in-law confront the hatred, mistrust, and pain that separates them when her husband dies unexpectedly.

A 32-minute film, All from the Same Dust is an intense, moving, and suspenseful story that takes an unwavering look at racism, bigotry, and intolerance in our time.  Race relations have improved since the days of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the civil rights movement, but racism has not been eradicated, it remains in many forms, often just below the surface, hidden in the shadows of deceit, undermining any true possibility for healing, equality, and unity.

All from the Same Dust also speaks to the pervasive bigotry and intolerance seen across the globe between cultures, nations, religions, tribes, and races.  Until we come together as one human race, we will never achieve the peace on earth we all long to experience.

The producers would like All from the Same Dust to be one way of contributing to the larger dialogue and process toward healing, and hope the film will inspire discussions for achieving tolerance and racial unity.

The Story